Charging Jesus with a Felony

Sometimes in the midst of the panic of our adverse circumstances, we have a habit of charging Jesus with a felony against us. It’s as if the Lord has perpetrated wickedness against us or has failed to care for us because He has allowed certain storms to rage in our lives. The disciples did thisContinue reading “Charging Jesus with a Felony”

A Thundering Voice!

There’s something about a commanding voice that inspires, motivates, commands attention and scares you almost to death all at the same time. Thoughts and pictures of Jesus from my childhood and even more recent movies about Him cast Jesus as soft-spoken, meek, mild and almost effeminate. How different is the Jesus of the New TestamentContinue reading “A Thundering Voice!”

What’s in it for me?

Want to know something that I dislike about myself?  I dislike the internal selfish desire that is always asking, “What’s in it for me?”  But I dislike that desire more in you than I do in me.  Sadly, we probably won’t get away from the quest of personal gain in this lifetime. An old pastor,Continue reading “What’s in it for me?”

Is He Worth it?

I find myself regularly doing cost-benefit analysis and asking the question, “Is it worth it?” Should I invest my time, my money, my effort, my gift or my talents? The woman in Mark 14 who poured her precious life savings onto The Savior did a pretty radical thing which was not comprehended by the accountantsContinue reading “Is He Worth it?”

Recognizing Beauty

Interesting how beauty catches the eye and draws the affections. We love to look at beautiful people, paintings, scenery, architecture. I have acquaintances who speak about beautiful people as “eye candy” admitting that the eye is drawn to beauty. Proverbs makes this connection of eyes and heart with the warning: Do not lust in yourContinue reading “Recognizing Beauty”