To one who is in expectation, even speed looks like delay

I was an impatient child. Some might say that I still am. But I remember doing a lot of waiting when I was younger. And it seemed that I waited forever for Christmas to come. In fact, I began my annual anticipation of Christmas Day on December 26th. Christmas represented everything that was special andContinue reading “To one who is in expectation, even speed looks like delay”

How far is Heaven?

I’ve always liked the song, “How far is Heaven?” by Los Lonely Boys: Save me from this prison Lord help me get away Cause only you can save me now From this misery Cause I’ve been lost in my own place And I’m getting’ weary How far is heaven And I know I need toContinue reading “How far is Heaven?”

Expectations are rarely met

Ever have a friend build something up raising your expectations and later you’re disappointed because it just wasn’t as great as you had hoped? It is rare that what we imagine or hear about ever meets our expectations. When an expectation is created, our minds and hearts exaggerate and intensify the inherent value of aContinue reading “Expectations are rarely met”

We’re just not impressed anymore

A friend and I were discussing what impresses us? Apart from the athletic achievements of those like Michael Jordan or the financial prowess of investors like Warren Buffet, we’re not impressed by much. Have we lost our awe when it comes to God? We certainly have lost the meaning of the word ‘awesome.’ In theContinue reading “We’re just not impressed anymore”

Do you ask WHAT or WHY?

It was said that during his life, Albert Einstein possessed 6% of the world’s knowledge and was considered the smartest man in the world. Now if you had an opportunity to spend time with the smartest man in the world, what kind of questions would you ask him? Better yet, if you had an opportunityContinue reading “Do you ask WHAT or WHY?”

Does Jesus Create Customized Salvation Plans for individuals?

We’re familiar with Jesus interaction with the man known to us as the Rich, Young Ruler (RYR) who comes to Jesus looking for Jesus’ seal of approval for a life well lived. The RYR asks the question, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Then, in an attempt to challenge the man’s entire LifeContinue reading “Does Jesus Create Customized Salvation Plans for individuals?”

Quick Quiz: Is Money too important to you?

This is not a scientific test in any way. Just some thoughtful questions designed to show potential signs that money may have too much influence in your heart. Is money too important to you? 1)ENVY- Do you find yourself strongly resenting people who have more than you? 2) ANXIETY- Do you find yourself worrying aboutContinue reading “Quick Quiz: Is Money too important to you?”

Wealth creates a privacy that impedes fellowship, an independence that impedes prayer, and creative distractions that impede ministry.

When Jesus said, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God,” he was talking to you and me. The Rich, Young Ruler didn’t necessarily think he was RICH and neither do we even though we live in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and most of us haveContinue reading “Wealth creates a privacy that impedes fellowship, an independence that impedes prayer, and creative distractions that impede ministry.”

Today’s Rich Young Ruler is Middle Class, Middle Age & Middle Management

A summary of his resume would state: “I’ve done it right my whole life.” He went to the right school and came from the right family. He was a good man, successful, a rule-follower, a Conservative, didn’t buy into global warming,  complained about high taxes, desired smaller government and was responsible with his money. HeContinue reading “Today’s Rich Young Ruler is Middle Class, Middle Age & Middle Management”

Faith is Acting upon what we Know

There certainly is an informational side to faith. For us to trust Jesus, we must have good theology which informs us about who Jesus is. Our faith must be fed with solid biblical and theological content. But when Jesus challenges his closest followers with the charge, “Do you STILL have no faith,” He is sayingContinue reading “Faith is Acting upon what we Know”