Is He Worth it?

I find myself regularly doing cost-benefit analysis and asking the question, “Is it worth it?” Should I invest my time, my money, my effort, my gift or my talents?

The woman in Mark 14 who poured her precious life savings onto The Savior did a pretty radical thing which was not comprehended by the accountants in the room.
Why would she do such a thing? If you asked her, do you know what she would say, “Because He was worth it!”
She took everything she had and poured it upon on the object of her affection, Christ!

The best way for me to understand the affection of this woman’s heart is to think about what goes through a 25-year-old pre-employed man’s mind when he proposes to the woman of his dreams and makes an insane purchase of a $4000 engagement ring taking on consumer debt at 18% or more. Why would he do such a thing? Ask him and he would say, “Because She’s Worth it!  I can’t spend enough to equal my love for her.”

When we become captured by the beauty of Christ, we cease to do cost-benefit analysis bean counting. We simply give Him everything. Why? Because He’s Worth it!

Published by John Estorge


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