Jesus got sleepy

I like the fact that Jesus got sleepy because I get tired and sleepy too. In Mark 4 we encounter Jesus after a busy day of ministry asleep on a pillow in a boat in the midst of a furious storm. How exhausted would you have to be to sleep in the stern of a boat on a cushion during a furious storm? He was drained, he was spent. He was really tired. Ministry had exhausted him. He gives and gives and gives and now he’s tired and the squall on the sea does not awaken Him.

I like the fact that Jesus became tired and sleepy because it means He doesn’t have unrealistic expectations for how much I can produce or how much work I can do. It means that I have a sympathetic High Priest who understands my weaknesses because He took on human flesh with all its frailties and limits. Does Christ understand that you get tired? He does!  Does he understand that there needs to be an end to the day and that work needs to cease? He does!  Here we encounter a Jesus with an exhaustible body just like yours.

Published by John Estorge


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