Quick Quiz: Is Money too important to you?

This is not a scientific test in any way. Just some thoughtful questions designed to show potential signs that money may have too much influence in your heart.

Is money too important to you?
1)ENVY- Do you find yourself strongly resenting people who have more than you?
2) ANXIETY- Do you find yourself worrying about money a lot? Do you fear that your wealth is disappearing?
3)BIAS- Do you have a bias toward people with money? Do you prefer them as friends?
4)SPENDER OR MISER- Do you habitually turn to shopping and purchasing to make you feel better?  Are you a penny pincher who won’t buy anything?
5) GOALS – What are your main goals for the future of your children: to be successful, educated, comfortable, financially secure, to make enough money so they don’t have to worry about money like you do?

Published by John Estorge


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