Today’s Rich Young Ruler is Middle Class, Middle Age & Middle Management

A summary of his resume would state: “I’ve done it right my whole life.” He went to the right school and came from the right family. He was a good man, successful, a rule-follower, a Conservative, didn’t buy into global warming,  complained about high taxes, desired smaller government and was responsible with his money. He loved his wife, disciplined his children and schooled them the right way!

He lived a model life, was an inspiring moral hero who was respected and even admired  by his peers. His strong sense of duty and obligation drove him to always do the right thing. He worked hard and was successful, he earned his own way, was financially independent and provided well for His family.

He had more rooms in his house than people who lived in it. Each year he disposed of clothes that he didn’t want, didn’t need or didn’t fit. Sometimes he hosted sales in front of his home to clean out the excess. He didn’t have to work every week of the year to make ends meet so he was able to take family vacations. He had more than one mode of reliable transportation. Today’s income didn’t need to be spent immediately on today’s needs. He was able to give some away and save some for future needs like advanced education for his children or simply preparing for the day when his earning potential would diminish.

But he didn’t consider himself wealthy. After all, he knew lots of people who made more money than he did. Many of his peers had nicer forms of transportation and larger homes. Luke described him as a Ruler and Rich, Matthew called him Young and Rich while Mark simply referred to him as a Rich Man. We know him as the Rich Young Ruler but we know him better today as Middle Class, Middle Age and Middle Management.

Published by John Estorge


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