Emotions and Attitudes: Depression

Many of us are effective at ignoring the warning signs of our emotions and attitudes when we should be paying attention to these God-given alerts that something is amiss deep down. Often, if we will look with God’s help, we will see something connected to the emotion or attitude that needs to be confessed, repentedContinue reading “Emotions and Attitudes: Depression”

Emotions and Attitudes: Boredom

I’ve blogged this week about emotions and attitudes and how they are warning signs to us that there is something buried deep within us of which we need to repent. I wrote about Anger and Anxiety on Tuesday and yesterday’s blog on Pride received some interesting comments particularly on Facebook. Today I want to blogContinue reading “Emotions and Attitudes: Boredom”

Emotions as Warning Signs – Part I

Most Christians won’t be surprised to hear that our hearts are not inclined to easily and naturally trust in God. In recent years, I have been much more aware of the anti-faith protective posture of my heart which leads me away from trusting in God but instead relying on my own independent resources. When IContinue reading “Emotions as Warning Signs – Part I”

A life that welcomes sinners will be criticized by the self-righteous establishment

Do you love a good controversy? Well, Jesus was the instigator of several controversies during his 3 years of ministry on the earth including the strong disagreement over the people with whom he chose to eat. The Religiously Serious leaders of the day (the people¬† who you may have expected to be closer to JesusContinue reading “A life that welcomes sinners will be criticized by the self-righteous establishment”

A life that welcomes sinners overflows into the desire to invite your non-religious friends to party with Jesus

Last night I asked a large group of friends to describe the best party they had ever attended. Eyes lit up as men told stories of great wedding receptions and even a yacht party on the open sea that lasted five days with all expenses paid. Well surprisingly, the best party Jesus ever attended onContinue reading “A life that welcomes sinners overflows into the desire to invite your non-religious friends to party with Jesus”

The Most Familiar Scene in the Gospels

It is perhaps the most familiar scene in the gospels; the scene when Jesus took the little children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them. Through his prayer and blessing His heart of love and compassion goes out to the little ones. Every child with equal importance and attention. To thoseContinue reading “The Most Familiar Scene in the Gospels”

The gospel should make us sing!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a veritable plethora of singing competitions on network television these days. I like to sing too; in the car, in the shower, mostly alone but sometimes to newborn babies and to sweet folks during their last remaining days on this side of heaven. I do singContinue reading “The gospel should make us sing!”

Happiness is not found in being conservative or liberal but in simple devotion to Christ.

Do we sometimes get caught up in placing our hope in our conservative or liberal way of looking at Theology, the Bible, Politics and the World and miss the main thing? I think sometimes we place our too much faith in our ideological lenses which influence our vision, magnify some issues over others and curbContinue reading “Happiness is not found in being conservative or liberal but in simple devotion to Christ.”

Transformation and the rewiring of your brain

Neuroscientists have long known that people’s changes in attitudes, lifestyles, and habits coincide with the rewiring of their brains. But they haven’t always known the catalyst for the rewiring and change. Recent research has revealed that an important part of how people change is through the process of telling their stories to an empathetic listener.Continue reading “Transformation and the rewiring of your brain”

How far is Heaven?

I’ve always liked the song, “How far is Heaven?” by Los Lonely Boys: Save me from this prison Lord help me get away Cause only you can save me now From this misery Cause I’ve been lost in my own place And I’m getting’ weary How far is heaven And I know I need toContinue reading “How far is Heaven?”