Emotions as Warning Signs – Part I

Most Christians won’t be surprised to hear that our hearts are not inclined to easily and naturally trust in God. In recent years, I have been much more aware of the anti-faith protective posture of my heart which leads me away from trusting in God but instead relying on my own independent resources. When I pay attention to my heart attitudes and emotions and realize that they are SIGNS that there is something going on deep inside of me, I can confess, repent and trust God.

An event that triggered me to pay more attention was when a helpful old friend reported back to me after asking to borrow my car that every warning light was on glowing on my dashboard. I had grown accustomed and even comfortable with these warning lights and over time I had even forgotten about them. My friend being forced to drive MY car was not accustomed to these warning lights and was quite alarmed by them. Like a good pastor, I thought, “there’s an illustration here.”  I had often thought that our emotions and heart attitudes are signs or warning lights that show that there is something going on “under the hood” so to speak. But like with my car, I chose to ignore the warning lights in my own life and kept pressing on.

Tomorrow I will begin to unpack some common heart attitudes and emotions like anger, anxiety, boredom, laziness, indifference, cynicism, despondency, and discouragement. The goal is to reveal what these attitudes and emotions can tell us about what’s going on deep down under the hood.

Published by John Estorge


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