The Christian Sabbath: A New* View Part I

This week I am going to write a series of four or so blog entries about the Christian Sabbath attempting to explain my personal view. Most of the teaching that I have heard on the Sabbath has been unsatisfying to me because it is either viewed as a policy with a list of joyless regulationsContinue reading “The Christian Sabbath: A New* View Part I”

Receiving uncomfortable grace

Too often we bury ourselves in the busyness of following Jesus and serving others instead of relaxing and receiving uncomfortable grace from Him. Our hearts are often resistant to love that it poured out on us, a resistance that forces our bodies to tighten up inhibiting us from receiving.  I think about the tender actContinue reading “Receiving uncomfortable grace”

The self-awareness and identity of Jesus

How do you humble yourself before a true enemy?  How to you love and serve someone whom you know is going to turn on you and sell you out? How do you wash the feet of the one you know is going to betray you in just a few hours? At the Thursday gathering ofContinue reading “The self-awareness and identity of Jesus”

Substituting ideas about God for an Experience of Him

This Spring will mark a special occasion in my life when on my physical birthday I will turn 44 and on my spiritual birthday I will turn 22. It might not mean so much to you but it means a lot to me because 22 years ago the Holy Spirit chased me down to executeContinue reading “Substituting ideas about God for an Experience of Him”

The Unpredictibility of Living with Jesus

With the simplicity of click, drag and drop, Jesus exorcised the demons and sent them into the herd of 2,000 pigs who immediately ran down the steep bank and drowned themselves in the sea.  Upon hearing the breaking news of the miraculous healing along with the bankruptcy of the BBQ industry, the Gadarene townspeople wereContinue reading “The Unpredictibility of Living with Jesus”

Jesus stills the storm and He stills the soul.

Mark 5:1-20 tells the story of a miserable man who was kept in the tombs by a legion of unclean, demonic spirits. The spirits trapped him there to torment him continually with the spectacle of death. They cut him off from society and he lived as a dead man among the dead. The “Gardarene Demoniac,”Continue reading “Jesus stills the storm and He stills the soul.”

Did God Create Evil?

This past week the Lord brought me to a place where I had to answer some questions about God’s relationship to evil:  Where did evil come from? Did God create it? So this blog entry is a bit of a digression from what I usually write about. I do care deeply that people see GodContinue reading “Did God Create Evil?”

Fear constricts the flow of grace while Faith opens its hydrant

I think the tendency of many people, even Christians, is to view God as stingy and holding back the best from us as if God is like a man who is afraid he will run out so he is always thinking about the cost. There is a lot of stinginess to go around in ourContinue reading “Fear constricts the flow of grace while Faith opens its hydrant”

Trusting God when Bad News comes

Have you ever had a friend or spouse approach you with the words, “I have some good news and some bad news, which would you like to hear first?” This is common phraseology in our culture which is sometimes simply employed to communicate an outlook that is mixed with positive and negative elements, but inContinue reading “Trusting God when Bad News comes”

When God doesn’t answer “on time”

Typically when we share our anxiety about a circumstance with a friend, we expect the friend to respond with a similar angst to our situation. After all that’s how we know they care, right? But when a friend responds with nonchalance, we feel that they don’t really love us. Well sometimes we project this sameContinue reading “When God doesn’t answer “on time””