As long as we are self-sufficient & self-sustaining we live in a delusional field of self-deception & vulnerability

Can you imagine Jesus looking you square in the eye saying, “You give them something to eat.” That’s exactly what He commanded the disciples in the story of the Feeding of the Multitudes. When they pooled their resources they found themselves woefully inadequate to meet the needs they were commanded to meet. Jesus knew the loaf and fish count already so why did He tell them to do something He knew they couldn’t do? Well, as always Jesus is attempting to teach us all to trust Him. Here He vividly demonstrates through the disciples’ own situational analysis that they don’t have enough and that their resources alone will never meet the needs of their world.

Jesus asks us each day to meet the needs of our world and we respond by collecting our personal resources (usually what we have to spare) which usually results in our declaration that “We don’t have enough.” But Jesus doesn’t want us to stop there. That’s step #1, admit you are powerless over your problems, realize that our needs and the needs around us are beyond our resources and we need help. Until we say I NEED HELP, we are in a position of deception and vulnerability. As long as we are self-sufficient and self-sustaining and we can meet our own needs and that of a few others we live in a delusional field of self-deception and vulnerability.

So today, who is He asking you to feed that will cost you? What is he asking you to do that you don’t feel you have the resources, the gifts, the money, the courage, or the energy?

Published by John Estorge


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