Word or Deed Ministry?

Should a Church focus exclusively on the Ministry of the Word or on a Ministry of Deeds? As the news of Jesus’ authority over nature and disease spread, soon there were overwhelming crowds gathering in wonder of what Jesus would do next. As the crowds impeded His ability to preach and their needs consumed His time, He would move to another town or even into the wilderness so that He could continue to freely preach the Good News about the Kingdom.  Jesus sought and found a beautiful equilibrium of word and deed in ministry. His Deed ministry was always about compassionately giving relief to people and families from their suffering, grief, misery, and distress. While His Word ministry was always about compassionately calling people and families to Faith and Repentance dealing with their deepest suffering, grief. misery and distress: their sin. In the ministry of Christ there was a synergy and integration of Deeds and Words working together so people would believe the message of the gospel. He saw ALL people as sick, all people as sinners and it was only those who admitted their need for the Doctor of their Souls who qualified for a place in his kingdom.

Published by John Estorge


2 thoughts on “Word or Deed Ministry?

  1. I hope the church is not having this discussion. The idea that the church should be doing one or the other exclusively is absurd. The church is a body that needs to do both. Some in the church, the teachers, need to focus the vast majority of their time and energy on the word. So that they can equip the members to do both word and deed ministry. A church that has been faithfully taught the word becomes a church that faithfully serves the church and the world. I will pray that God’s Spirit will continue to open his word to you so you can equip God’s sheep. Kevin. Ps I was a member there about 10 years ago.

    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for your comments. Few churches have the discussion of word or deed ministry but many churches overemphasize one to the virtual exclusion of the other. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

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