Emotions and Attitudes: Pride

Pride is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities which interferes with our ability to see our need for and thus experience the grace of God. Our hearts creep into pride when we estimate a high or inordinate opinion of our own dignity, importance, merit or superiority. It comes with a self-imagined importance that in the heart says to God and others, “I don’t need you but you need me.” Prideful people are usually quite competent in some area of life or work that platforms them as the one who is NEEDED in a given situation, they become the solution to the problem and therefore rarely show their own needs while cloaking their self-importance in the pretended humility of service or the special vocabulary (lingo) of the community to which they belong.

In my pride, my heart rages against God’s unmerited favor (grace) and undeserved generosity (mercy). My heart becomes self-important when I believe that I have this ability that makes me Great and it lashes out in anger when others don’t play along and join me in appreciating my importance. My prideful heart says, “God, people need your grace, mercy and unconditional love but because of this need that I meet, role that I play or ability that I possess I don’t need you like others do.”

Pray: Tender, loving God, help bring me today to a place of genuine humility that is based on a realistic self-appraisal and healthy feeling of self-worth that doesn’t need to be continually reinforced by others. My deepest need is to be unconditionally loved and only you can do that in the way that will heal my prideful heart. Let me rejoice in the truth that “You are with me and You are mighty to save me. Thank You that You take great delight in me, now quiet my restless heart with your love and help me to hear your voice rejoicing over me with singing.” Through Christ my Lord. Amen.

Published by John Estorge


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