Four Essential Leadership Values from 1 Timothy 3

ABSTRACT The Apostle Paul wrote his first epistle to the younger Timothy, his coworker in the evangelistic enterprise, to give counsel regarding the issues, which had surfaced in the church at Ephesus. Paul’s charge to Timothy (1 Timothy 1:3) was to deal with the false teachings in Ephesus. Paul tells Timothy to command certain peopleContinue reading “Four Essential Leadership Values from 1 Timothy 3”

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What were the disciples looking for on the first Easter Sunday Morning? On that first Easter morning, there was a band of women and a group of disciples who were hunting. But they weren’t hunting for Easter Eggs, they were hunting for their best friend, Jesus the Christ, the…

Good Friday Evening and Holy Saturday: The Waiting

The Historical Narrative of that first Easter Weekend began on Good Friday evening with a wealthy Jewish Disciple of Jesus named Joseph of Arimathea along with Nicodemus, a Pharisee and member of the Jewish Sanhedrin wrapping Jesus’ lifeless body in clean linen and laying him in his own new tomb. The tomb had been cutContinue reading “Good Friday Evening and Holy Saturday: The Waiting”

Modern- Day Knight

As I ponder my life past and present, I find a hunger to develop a deeper trueness and integrity so that the person I project to be is more congruent with the person I truly am. I have always been fascinated by the virtues embodied by medieval knights and have wondered privately what a modern-day nightContinue reading “Modern- Day Knight”